How to Clear a Bank PO Exam in the First Attempt

How to clear a IBPS PO exam in the first attempt?

IBPS PO is one of the most desired profile for all the aspirants as banking sector is one of the top growing sectors of the industry. This sector provides job security as well as social status in the society, thus making it a dream for most of the students preparing for competitive exams.

Now, let us focus on few important studying methodology & tips that will help students in clearing the bank examinations in the very first attempt.

  • Make sure you are aware of the complete syllabus, pattern and the time limits. One should be well – versed with the types of questions being asked in pre as well as mains exam and prepare accordingly.
    Incomplete information will cost you a lot. So, before starting go through every minute details of the IBPS PO exam without missing anything.
  • Set a timetable; devise a strategy and stick with the same. Make a note of everything you want to do in the given time frame. Follow it on a regular basis and keep a track of your performance.
    Go through the previous year’s cut – offs and question papers. See whether your preparation would be able to beat that result. Every year the level of the examination is getting difficult. So, be prepared for everything and set your benchmark
  • Don’t start with the difficult part first. Brush up your basics properly and then move ahead as you climb the ladder. Don’t skip anything in between. Make sure that your foundation is strong first. Keep on revising what you have already finished earlier.
    Continuous revision with new learning is a must. Don’t just prepare for prelims or mains at a time. Start preparing simultaneously for all the levels whenever you are targeting a certain exam.
  • Develop a habit of reading and writing as well. It will help in your descriptive section of few exams. Read newspaper daily. This will help you a lot in verbal and GK section. Keep yourself updated. Make notes from the best sources available. It is not important to prepare from ‘n’ number of books but choose the one that is important from examination point of view. Don’t rely on single source.
  • Don’t count on the number of hours you are studying. Quality is more important than quantity. So, always go for quality studying. If you are studying for 10 hours but gaining nothing out of it then it’s of no use but a quality studying of 2 – 3 hours will be fruitful at the same time.
  • While practicing at home, do follow the time limits. Time is a game changer. So, from the starting strictly adhere to the time limit. Don’t solve the questions in your comfort zone. Solving question shouldn’t be your aim. Instead solving in least possible time should be your ultimate motto.
  • Examiners never evaluate on the number of questions you attempted. So, solving maximum number of questions shouldn’t be your target. Solving questions with 90% – 95% of accuracy should be your utmost goal. Just make one thing clear to your mind that, attempting 50 questions with 100% accuracy is way better than attempting 100 questions with 50% accuracy.
  • Don’t focus on a single section. Always keep in mind about the sectional cut off and maximizing the overall score at the same time. Balance between all the sections is must. Although time limit is there to keep the balance but at the same time keep the balance in the preparation. Don’t just keep on doing what you like doing. Focus more on what you don’t like. Give more time to the weaker section and keep polishing your strengths as well.
  • Attempt mock tests and sectional tests on a daily basis and start analyzing your performance. Try and improve scores after every subsequent attempt. Also solve previous year papers. It will actually act as a mirror and will reflect where you stand. Sometimes you know everything but that knowledge is not sufficient to fetch you a good score. So, understand the difference and keep practicing on paper. Work on your weaker section on a continuous basis.
  • Don’t think of attempting all the questions and never stick to single question for too long. So, see carefully and find the questions which you can solve in least possible time. Skip those questions which are time consuming. Also, never go for guess work. If it is correct then it will fetch you one mark but if it is incorrect then it will take your 1.25 marks. And in IBPS PO exam 0.005 marks can make a big difference in ranking.
  • Go on solving those questions first which can be solved easily in least possible time and maximum accuracy in all the sections. Don’t get stuck to the questions which could be solved but are time consuming. Don’t always go on solving in a sequential manner. Sometimes, hard questions are kept at the start and easy one at the last. So give few seconds and look for your strengths.
  • Working on your approach smartly is more important than working on it very hard. Don’t go on solving 100’s of questions of the same topic unnecessarily. Act smart and do what is needed. Never leave your doubts unclear. Always go in depth whenever you get stuck somewhere. This will help you in clearing a lot of other things as well.

Also, staying confident with a positive approach is a must besides everything. Be focused. Nothing is impossible. Time management is the crucial part. If you are good at it than half of the game is over.

So, with the above mentioned tips do a fresh start and follow each and every point and you, yourself will see the changes in first few weeks itself.

It has been rightly said,

The one who clear the exam don’t do anything different, but they just do the things in a different way’.

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All the best for your exams,

Team gradeup!

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